Places in Cape Town where you can find an adrenaline high

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Places in Cape Town where you can find an adrenaline high

Now that Ratanga Junction is officially closed, Capetonians are looking around the city for something exciting and adventurous to do. Luckily, the Western Cape is a province full of surprises and activities that will get your heart rate going and build your adrenaline-junkie spirit.

We’re going to look at a wide variety of places in Cape Town that you can go to and find the adrenaline-high you’ve been chasing. From mountains to sky and oceans to tarmac, the Mother City has it all.


Signal Hill

It's time to hit the skies and go paragliding off of Signal Hill. If you’ve ever wanted to “fly like a bird” over one of the most beautiful cities in the world, this is where you should do it. Your flight will range between anything from five to 30 minutes depending on the weather and “lift”.

Cape Town Tandem Paragliding takes off from Signal Hill and Lion’s Head so you can decide from where you’d like to fly. But the views remain the same, the Mother City, the mountains and the seemingly never-ending ocean. Cape Town can take your breath away just by standing in the city streets. Now, can you imagine how much more spectacular a birds-eye view of it all would be?

With paragliding, you feel the rush when running off a mountain to take off, followed by awe while you’re in the air and a rush again when it’s time to land. After that, you’ll be looking at skydiving next.

Canal Walk

If you prefer to be on the ground and have an adrenaline-preference for speed, you’ll want to consider heading to Canal Walk for a go-kart experience. This underground, outdoor go-karting circuit is perfect for those looking to put their pedal to the metal and race against their friends and family.

There are three racing options to accommodate your need for speed, “Arrive and drive”, “Grand Prix” and “Endurance”. And if you find you’re pretty good at it, they have an official go-karting league you could join. The racing price of R220 includes two full 10-lap races after which the six fastest compete in a final, 15-lap race. This is one for you and all your friends with a minimum of 12 people per group and a maximum of 18.

Put your driving skills to the test in this go-kart circuit.


Somerset West

For those of you who don’t mind being in the water and get a kick from water sports, you have to visit the Blue Rock Resort in Somerset West. Definitely an outing for the summer but one where friends and family are all welcome to join. The water adrenaline activities available to you here include kneeboarding, wakeboarding and cable water skiing (there are even ramps in the water to make it more exciting).

But if you’re looking for more than just water sports, they also offer paintball, ziplining, regular swimming, volleyball, paddleboarding, rock jumping and scuba diving. It’s easy to spend an entire day here and do things you’ve never done before. And everyone will find something to do that they enjoy and that gives them their adrenaline-rush.


Muizenberg, Gansbaai and Struisbaai

Now, some people enjoy the freshwater, while others go looking for adventure in the seawater.

If you’re interested in learning how to surf to hit the waves of Cape Town beaches on your own, then Muizenberg is the best place to start. And if you’d rather be under the waves than on top of them, you can head down to Gansbaai for some great white shark cage diving. That will most definitely get your adrenaline going.

But, if you’re happy to just have your feet in the water but are still looking for a bit of an edge, Struisbaai is where you need to be. Struisbaai is famous for Parrie the giant stingray that comes up into the harbour to visit and be fed. You can be standing almost knee-deep in the ocean and have an up close and personal experience with this gentle giant and marine beauty swimming around your feet.



And if your favourite part about going to the beach is the sand, you should make your way to the sand dunes in Atlantis. Sandboarding is the closest we’ll get to snowboarding in Cape Town and it’s great practice if you’re planning a trip to a snow-capped country overseas.

Being on your own in this sparse and vast sandy area with your feet strapped to a board and nowhere to go but down, you’re in for an adventure. And if boarding isn’t your idea of fun, you could always hop on the back of a quad bike instead. Whichever revs your adrenaline-engine.

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