Flat sharing for adults: tips for living in shared accommodation

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Flat sharing for adults: tips for living in shared accommodation

With living on your own being so costly, opting to share a flat has become the new norm. But as normal as it is for many people, it can be difficult if you share a flat with someone who does not have basic flat etiquette. People have different personalities and different backgrounds that can cause problems when living together. So, if you’re planning on living in shared accommodation, then it may be in your best interest to know what the 101 is for renting with other individuals.

To avoid any misunderstandings, read this article on how you can live happily with your housemates.

Be open when it comes to money

The first housemate etiquette tip is to be open about money. Sharing a house allows you to get an affordable flat to rent in Newtown or any place of your choosing. But for it to work, each housemate has to contribute towards rent and other household expenses. Financial disagreements can cause strain for involved parties, and it is not a healthy way to live. It may be hard to talk about finances, but you need to have that discussion with your roommates. All parties need to agree on a date, and there should be no excuses as everyone is responsible for the flat. Allowing someone to slack on this agreement will cause tension and unnecessary problems. Plus, the landlord expects their money on the agreed day, and failing to do so won’t benefit your track record in the future.

Have a set of rules

It is impossible to live in an apartment with no rules. It will only lead to arguments and disagreements. So, each member of the flat needs to come with a list of dos and don’ts. This will help your other roommates know what it is that you dislike. House sharing rules that need to be addressed:

  • Noise level and parties.
  • Inviting guests over.
  • Respecting the privacy of others.
  • Cleaning up after yourself.
  • Personal belongings in common areas.
  • House contributions.

All these things need to be addressed if you want your apartment to be a place of harmony.

Try and be mindful of your housemates

As mentioned before, people have different personalities. For housemates to live in harmony, every individual needs to be mindful and respectful of each other and their space. If a roommate doesn’t like something, respect that. For example, if they don’t like people using or touching their stuff, then it is important to remember that. If you need to use something, always ask first. That way, you create an environment that is respectful and considerate, which, in turn, makes it easier for all of you.

Be social

When you live with your friends; being social is never an issue. However, when it’s people you do not know, it can be awkward at times, Well, take the first step and be social. When coming from work or school, spend some time with your roommate in a common area. You can eat together, watch something or play board games. Everyone has stressful lives, and sometimes people need some light conversation and laughter. When you are away from your family, your roommates become your support system. So being social and building relationships will help you build a support system.

Choose your housemates wisely

If you are lucky enough to choose your housemates, make sure you choose flatmates that you can gel with. Yes, you cannot judge a book by its cover, but, for example, if you don’t smoke, then it might be best to find a housemate who doesn’t smoke either. When searching for housemates, be truthful about your lifestyle and what you also expect from a roommate. If you are not interested in parties or prefer a tidy place at all the time, mention those concerns so that you can either find like-minded individuals or ones that will be respectful. Because you do not want to be stuck with someone who is disrespectful as it can dampen your living arrangements.

Final thoughts

Although people are different, there are many benefits to flat sharing in JHB CBD or any other area. You get to save money when house sharing, you get to find an affordable flat to rent, and you can create lasting friendships with your roommates. So make sure you choose flatmates that will be respectful so that you can enjoy all the perks that come with living away from home. These tips will help you create an honest and warm space which will turn friends into family.

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