GTP Public Invitation to attend LSDF Bellville virtual event - presented by the City of Cape Town

Greater Tygerberg Partnership
Greater Tygerberg Partnership

Greater Tygerberg Partnership: Public Invitation to attend LSDF virtual event, 

presented by the City of Cape Town

The Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP) invites local Bellville residents, businesses, and interested investors to join them and the City of Cape Town in the innovative, custom created virtual space, to interact and engage with content of, and more information relating to, the recently drafted local spatial development framework (LSDF) for the Bellville Central Business District (CBD).

The virtual platform, designed by the GTP in conjunction with partners from Real Estate Investor Magazine (REIM), will enable stakeholders with an interest in the future of Bellville to engage now and in the future. 

The virtual platform will be opened with the hosting of a presentation and discussion session on the Bellville CBD Draft LSDF on 20 June from 18:00 to 20:00. The interactive virtual platform offers the best of virtual reality, and can be accessed at any time by using the active link: 

“The live LSDF virtual space was shaped to host important information now and going forward on all future plans for Bellville. The platform enables us to educate and inform the community of Bellville, potential or existing investment partners and businesses. And, most importantly it provides an easily accessible, always on content hub, that will support the call to action for all stakeholders of Bellville to provide their feedback on the draft LSDF and input before the deadline,” says Warren Hewitt, CEO of the Greater Tygerberg Partnership.

Everyone with an interest in the future of Bellville can comment on the draft LSDF, and the proposals contained within, before the 4 July deadline by completing the online survey via: Bellville Future City - Survey ( or via the City’s have your say portal which is included below. 

About The Draft Local Spatial Development Framework:

The draft LSDF proposes the City’s vision for the regeneration of the Bellville CBD, the second metropolitan node of the Mother City. The Bellville CBD has seen remarkable growth over the last decade, with recent developments amounting to billions of Rands. However, the CBD and its surrounding suburbs, particularly to the South, suffer from blight and deprivation. 

The LDSF seeks to exploit Bellville’s central location and high accessibility to leverage the principles of transit-oriented development and create urban spaces with a mix of high-density, residentially led, developments with commercial, retail, and recreational spaces that are safe and convenient for walking and cycling. Implementing quality social amenities for residents and facilitating the release vacant and underutilised City-owned land for mixed-use development is a core objective of the City’s draft LSDF. 

Once the public participation process has been concluded, the draft LSDF will be revised considering the comments received from all residents, business owners and investors before being submitted to Council for its approval. 

The LSDF will then become City policy and guide land use and development applications for the Bellville CBD from 2023 onwards, in conjunction with the Tygerberg District Spatial Development Framework, and Municipal Spatial Development Framework.

The draft LSDF documents are also available to download here:, or can be viewed at the sub-council 6 offices, or at the Bellville Public Library, Carl Van Aswegen Street, Bellville.